Finding Freedom: A Cooks Story, Remaking a Life From Scratch

An excellent read about one woman’s rise from being a drug-addled mother with a horrible marriage and a lifetime of unmet expectations to rising to the top as a restaurateur, and perhaps the most highly rated “home cook” in the country.
Erin French tells her story in this forthright and poignant memoir that will make you think, make you tear up, and probably will make you hungry! Her descriptive prose hones in best when she explains the food she has loved and cooked, refined and garnished, from the simple to the sublime.
Her restaurant, located in Freedom, Manie, is arguably the most coveted reservation in America. With a band of friends and relatives that make up her staff, Erin has overcome so many obstacles laid in her path that this book is definitely about redemption, a very sweet dessert indeed after a long and ardent struggle to find both her true self, and “The Lost Kitchen.”


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