Book Review: A Very Punchable Face, By Colin Jost

During the first hour or so of this audiobook, I was convinced the book’s title might have been “How To Get into Harvard, Be A Loveable Nerd and Then Ascend the Heights of TV Comedy Without Really Trying.” But it was an audiobook, and I like to walk and listen, so I persevered. I’m glad I did so, because it got much better. Although the book still had a few too many “Aw shucks, I don’t know how I fell into… (An Elite high school, Harvard, “The Crimson,” Saturday Night Live, Scarlett Johansson’s arms, take your pick,) there are plenty of awkward and relatable moments to help balance the stories, all well told by the author himself.

There is an especially poignant portrait of his mother, a Firefighter MD and “911” First Responder. I shed a few tears over the humanity and humility of this mother / hero and her fellow responders. Colin is at his best when his voice chokes a little with emotion, and I think it was brave of him to recount this chapter on audio.

One of the more frustrating aspects of the audio version of this book is that Mr. Jost makes a few references to photos in the book version, suggesting each time that the listener go and purchase the physical book, so as not to miss anything. I found this a little condescending and unnecessary.

A few of the chapters are very funny and it is cool to try to imagine the goofy and odd predicaments the author gets himself into while trying, always, to live up to his version of a suave and composed young man. Warning: Explicit and funny bodily functions activity ensues in more than one section.

I would recommend this book in the audio version because it can be picked up and put down while walking, and it is companionable and sweet in many ways. Colin is no David Sedaris, but his take on life is both refreshing and funny. Very good for a debut comedic autobiography.

Four Stars out of Five!


2 thoughts on “Book Review: A Very Punchable Face, By Colin Jost

  1. Thank you fit sharing your thoughts about a book I had not heard of before. I too like to listen to audiologist while doing a different task like the dishes, or vacuuming, or some yoga. 😊

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