Book Review: Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

 I took Daisy Jones & The Six with me to the beach last week, and I must say, she was amazing company! Although I could have swallowed the book whole in one day, it was fun to pick it up while at the pool, and then return to it for the last thirty minutes before I closed my eyes at night.  The format of the book, short interviews with people in and around the band during their mediocre times and meteoric rise, gives a unique portrait of each character in tiny morsels. I liked being able to put the book down and pick it up only to be right back into the character studies, and thus the action.

 One of my favorite passages from the book is not a spoiler at all, but a clear indication that the setting was California during the turbulent and expressive late ‘70’s:

EDDIE: “Just One More” was written and recorded in one day when somebody sent over a batch of grass baked into cookies.  The whole song, written mostly by Billy, with my help, seems like it shows wanting to sleep with a girl one time before you hit the road.  But it was about how we’d eaten all the grass and just wanted one more cookie.

WARREN: I took three of the cookies myself, and I hid one of ‘em for later and as Billy is writing this song about wanting one more, I thought  “__it, he knows I have one more!”

GRAHAM: It was just a great time.  We had a great time back then.

The authenticity of this book will have some readers searching for signs that the band was real. (I admit to nothing.)  The narrator’s voice appears to have crawled into the soul of each character, and indeed appears to be both omniscient and real.  You will have to read the book to discover why.

 People in touring bands have loose ties with loved ones far away and tight, almost constricting bonds with others on the road they travel daily.  Do the songs come from life, or does life come from the songs? “Daisy Jones & The Six” shows the reader just how complicated this question can be for the writers, and how a singer’s interpretation can change or intensify the meaning of a song.  

Legend and myth build to a crescendo in this engrossing tale of the rock-solid basis of love that builds and then sustains the protagonist’s to a hard knock romance that eventually leads to an imperfect, sustainable fairy tale.

I highly recommend this lovely book! Great for the beach….  

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Read this book!


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