What is your favorite book?

The first book I ever hid under the covers (along with a tiny pen light I momentarily pilfered from my uncle’s desk) was “Little Women.” I was so fascinated by Louisa May Alcott’s words that I read long past my grandma’s strictly imposed bedtime of 10:00 PM. Even at eight years old, the power of the written word astounded me. I’ve been hooked on books ever since! Over the years, an occasional re-reading of my first “Book love” reveals the story as timeless, engaging, and heart -felt.

What was your first “Book love?” Do you ever revisit the story, or is it a pleasant memory that you mind sometimes wanders to, a lesson or a soothing balm when your mind is troubled? Books are like friends to me, I can’t let go of the ones that helped me to grow and even to change my mind or challenge my belief system. And like the real, true friends I am privileged to have, they are always present when I need them most.

Are you a book lover too?


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